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As written by Craig Engler (Senior Vice President and General Manager of Syfy Digital)

(the whole thing is here)

Even having trimmed down a lot it's a bit long, so behind a cut.
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Goodbye SGU, farewell, and don't let the door hit you on your way out...
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a nice [by which i mean the writer hands the writers their asses for hats] review of YET ANOTHER STUPID EPISODE.

this whole time-travel sub-plot makes my brain hurt. a lot. because... if the other timeline is undone by the people in "our" timeline not doing the things that create the alternate timeline, WHY WHY WHY are artifacts from the alternate timeline here in our universe [like the "other" Density, like this whole planet full of descendants of the "other" Density's crew]?

anybody? anybody? buehler?

yeah, i thought not. all of s2 has been about tptb trying to unpaint themselves from the very stupid corner they painted themselves into with their initial concept. and omg, how stupid would you have to be not to see the monster flaws in the initial idea in terms of viable series television?


yeah, that's what i thought.
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you know that clip from some movie of hitler ranting & people put subtitles on it for him to rant about different things?
well someone did it for the end of the stargate franchise. (SGU gets mentioned a few times)

found via [personal profile] l_jade

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Guess SyFy has decided to air the final ten eps of SGU. Or at least they're airing one. I suppose their strategy might change depending on ratings.

Oh, hey! It's on opposite Castle and Hawaii Five-0.

Should go well, then!

Actually, on further investigation, those are both showing reruns this week, so the devastation should be postponed lessened.
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[personal profile] donutsweeper just tweeted "Syfy will end its original action-adventure series Stargate Universe when the show returns with the final 10 episodes of its second season in the Spring of 2011."

So Syfy fulfilled it's original contractual obligation and nothing more, I'm utterly shocked.
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I'll just mention some of the things that really annoyed me in the last 4 episodes, cuz, ya know, if I went back any further I'd have to talk about "Cloverdale" which was BEYOND ANNOYING. Yeesh.

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Now whether that opinion makes sense to anyone but me remains to be seen.

I don't typically read Mallozzi's blog because its irritating (and all the food talk grosses me out) but I followed a link to this post and had to comment on one thing he said.

"I’ll say it again: SF audiences tend to be younger..."

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as seen on many a LJ & DW journal; the article is here

Perhaps a more seedy, and disappointing aspect of the hits to Universe’s popularity, though, is the fanbase itself. “I don’t think if we for any reason go away, it is an issue necessarily of the quality of the product that we’ve been making,” said executive producer and co-creator Brad Wright. “I think getting moved on the schedule has hurt us. And the fact that some of the fans that liked SG-1 and Atlantis were so angry that they have deliberately hurt us, which is unfortunate.”

Indeed, log on to any message board, and the vociferous level of criticism directed towards Universe for its supposed role in the demise of Stargate Atlantis is obvious, as is the recent, unpleasant schadenfreude in its ratings descent. Websites have even been set up purely for opposition to the show, which seems like a curious move for people who are supposedly avowed fans of the franchise. Simplistic descriptors such as Stargate In Name Only abound, and the feeling of engendered ill wishes can be nauseating.
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Either you've all stopped watching, or you've gotten lives, or something.

I am finding the occasional pleasing moment or bright idea or good acting... BUT THERE IS STILL SO MUCH TO MOCK! Still so many unpleasant people acting like jackasses.

1. More than ever, Rush needs to be shoved out an airlock.

2. Chloe has a storyline? NOOOOO! And stop showing me her pasty legs!

3. Mystical alien babysitters? *flails*

4. Chakotay and B'Elanna added to cast? (My SIL and I were watching Voyager reruns a few years ago, and about every 3rd episode we would turn to each other and say, "Atlantis totally ripped this off.")

5. Is there an AA chapter on Destiny? "Hi, my name is Everett, and I'm an alcoholic."


Talk to me!
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I found this link via [personal profile] cofax7:

A bit of the summarizing paragraph: So, Stargate: Universe has an unconvincing premise, underdeveloped characters, bad dialogue, slack plotting, and a central conflict that is intriguing but driven mostly by the incompetence of its participants. And this is not even to mention the typically shoddy treatment of female and non-white characters.

Warning: she doesn't think all that highly of the first two Stargate shows, either.


Jun. 16th, 2010 10:59 pm
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Totally ganked from ailurophile6 over at LJ: Here's the entire post... )

The two fun parts for me:

Median Age:  49    (WTF?  What happened to all of TPTB's demographic work?  Wasn't SGU supposed to be targeted toward younger men people?

Apparently Part One of "Incursion" was an all time low for the ENTIRE Stargate franchise.  PERIOD.

Even worse, RDA and MS on the episode "Subversion" didn't draw the viewers.


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A little background: Brian J. [according to IMdB], was born in 1981, graduated Julliard, and his first professional credit according to IMdB is a 2005 movie called "Hate Crime". So he's 29, he's been working for five years, and he had the chops to get into Julliard. None of this jibes with Mommy being shocked at the Mean People dissing Her Precious Boy. OTOH, it maps really well onto a Stage Door Mother doing everything in her power to make the professional path smooth for her talented tot, causing one to wonder if there's something in the water in Texas, a state where apparently it's just fine to turn your own life into a Lifetime Movie Of The Week at a moment's notice.

What is almost as puzzling as that it occurs at all is that I'm the only one to comment on it.
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Airlock Alpha says "It's Time For Stargate Fans To Build A Bridge"

Only if I get to put Bitchboy, the production staff of SGU, and Brian J. Smith's cunting mommy under the first pylon.
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I don't know which is more annoying: this whiny bitchboy's pious rant against "SGU Sucks", or the SGU Sucks site, if it's doing what he says it is.
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Stargate Universe "Subversion" (117). Col. Telford is suspected of espionage after Dr. Rush has a disturbing dream about a covert meeting with the Lucian Alliance. Col. Young investigates the matter with the help of Gen. Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson.
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Per TV By The Numbers this past Friday's ep of SGU has dipped back down to .9HH. The show seems to be hovering around the 1.0 or .9 mark on a regular basis.

If you'd like to see the SGU ratings complete with numbers for the 18-49 demographic and overall viewers, Stargate Solutions has been keeping a ratings table.
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You have to admire their spirit...

[The music is "Ghost Town" by Shiny Toy Guns]


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