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Name:Let's Mock Stargate Universe!
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Community description:Let's Mock Stargate Universe! No, really! Misery loves company.
Now that it's October, and Stargate:Universe has aired, and we have all, as we were constantly exhorted to do, "GIVEN IT A CHANCE", it is time for all fans of the Gateverse to sit back and say: "They cancelled my show for THIS?"

Misery loves company. Misery also loves drinking games, meta, crackfics, and a nice Chianti. Come share your emo pain!


Hating on the characters in Stargate: Special Victims Unit is cool. Hating on the real live people who portray them is not.

However, intense mockery of anyone who created the show is cool.

If your post contains either NSFW or age-related content, please mark it as such in your header.

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